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Fun audio stories for kids

Join the adventures of Monkey, Sam the Bear, Mrs May, Skiddles the Cat, Elephant Joe, Ted the Truck Driver, the charging bull and Cynthia the caged monkey, on downloadable audio stories that everyone will enjoy.  

Have a giggle listening to the cool kids sound effects; planes, cats, farts, spins, bulls, elephants, seals, bears, music and more

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FREE Play:

Monkey and the Tip Truck

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Downloadable Album

Monkey's Favourites  

Includes 7 original audio stories and two songs by Australian author and songwriter, Julia Jane

Watch the kids giggle and laugh as they sing and dance the 'Funky Monkey' and the 'Monkey Groove'.

Get your copy here or iTunes, apple books, google playbooks, audiobooksnow, Storytel,, and more





Story  Excerpts from "Monkey's Favourites"  

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