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  Resources for Early Learning


Activities for Children

Downloadable Resources

Download this document which aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) of Australia
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Download the lyrics to the FUNKY MONKEY song which includes dance action steps for children (and aligns with EYLF Outcomes 3 and 5)

  Activities for kids

Let their imagination create the fun!   

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Monkey and the Harbour Bridge

Build a bridge from blocks or recycled items or furniture.

Use blue plastic for water. Play with trucks and boats.

Play with a "barrel of monkeys" and act out the swinging and saving of Monkey

Talk about:

  • vehicles (getting from here to there); cars, buses, trucks, ferries, taxis

       water taxis, bicycles, walking

  • safety issues and following people's instructions to be safe

       (e.g the guide, Dave)

Monkey and Skiddles the Cat

Play games and sing songs with friends

Talk about:

  • benefits of cleaning up after ourselves

  • how to be a good friend 

  • what friends can do for each other

Monkey and the Tip truck

Plant a garden

Play with zoo animals

Paint or draw animals running and jumping and being happy

Talk about: 

  • safety

  • listening to adults when we tell kids not to do something even though it looks fun

Monkey at the Bullfight

Have fun with castanets, dance and dresses ups.

Play flamenco music or the children's favourite music

Practise running fast

Act out a bullfight

Talk about:

  • dancing,

  • Spain and other countries' events, dances and music.

  • other countries the children have visited

  • running and advantages of being fit and healthy

Monkey and the Farts

Fun acting "stop" to anxiety.

Introduce children to relaxing and healthy foods

Collage fun with relaxing/calming or stimulating food and drink 

Talk about:

  • recognising, understanding and dealing with worry e.g.distraction, relaxation

       and mindfulness skills, noting butterflies in the belly and other physical signs of anxiety

  • eating and exercise habits for healthy and happy minds

  • content from beyond  or 

Monkey and the Bully

Have fun with a soccer ball!


  • respectful behaviour and ways to respond to bullying behaviour

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