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Making Monkey and his stories

Audio Stories - Just for the fun!

Entertain the whole family with cool kids sound effects and the adventures of Monkey.

Watch the joy of a child as they hear the tales of Monkey, Sam the Bear, Mrs May, Skiddles the Cat, Elephant Joe, Ted the Truck Driver and the charging bull while creating scenes with their imagination.

Cheeky and adventurous Monkey has been a part of Julia Jane's life for a decade.

He first appeared in a song she sung to her children when they were young.

One day Julia Jane realized the song could be a children's story.

A close friend said, "that's not one story that's lots of stories!".

That's all Julia Jane needed to unlock a series of children's stories about Monkey.

Although a huge fan of picture books, Julia Jane had so much fun recording and listening to the cool kids sound effects, she can't wait to record more!

Cartoon monkey face from Monkey kids audio books

Monkey is a creation from the North Coast of NSW, Australia

Sing and Dance to Monkey songs

Do the Funky Monkey and the Monkey Groove (dancing fun)

'Monkey' (featuring the Monkey Groove was nominated for the Children's category, NCEIA Dolphin Awards 2016 

'Funky Monkey' lyrics includes dance steps for kids (and adults) to follow. Just for the fun of it!

Monkey and Julia Jane would like to thank... 

.... all those people who helped Monkey come to life: my husband and kids, Kate, Mum, Dad, Sam, Chris, Jono, Brett, Carol, Tracey and the local preschool, Phil, Caroline, Gav, Deana, Monique, Sarah, my lovely neighbours and anyone else I forgot.

Our special team of contributors include;

Cute Monkey tail - monkey audio stories for kids

Sound Engineer and maker of fart noises! 

Artist - Original "Monkey" painting

Brett Belot (

Graphic Artist

Samantha Alexander (


Jonathon Holmes (

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